Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What I’ve Hearted This Week: A Necklace in the new Twilight series by Delias Thompson

I admit, I was probably drawn to this first because of the name, and because I am a huge “Twilight” fan, but after seeing the piece up close it is totally its own thing and has nothing to do with the popular book series.

I’m already a huge fan of Delias’, but if you’re not, check out her store here and let yourself be swept away by her awesomeness.

Oh, and there is a matching ring here. I’ll gladly wear it, too.

Psst. I have a feeling this will have to end up under the Christmas tree ... just for me.


  1. Oh my ~ Delia is just amazing as a metalsmith ~ Maybe I can be her when I grow up ;)

  2. I love Delia's work too, amazing. And, love twilight movies too LOL

  3. Great pick, Katja! I am already a fan of Delia but you just reminded me to check her shop for her newest listings!:)

  4. I love love love love.... love love ... Delias new line.

    Heck I love all her jewellery but these latest things are truly amazing. :)