Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What I have hearted this week

French Grain Sack and Burlap Pillow Slip


I think this cold weather must have me nesting ~ we're decorating our lounge /living room / sitting room or whatever you call it where you live! I love probably what's called a contemporary classic look and this cushion is just my cuppa tea ;) It's got such a great rustic look, I adore it ♥


Jolie Marche offers French Country Decor including burlap pillows, French script curtains and European inspired home decor accessories.

 Check out Jolie Marche on Etsy. 

 and her new blog is  www.simpleeverydayglamour.blogspot.com

 It's full of beautiful things like reading a beautiful glossy magazine!


  1. Love that rustic look too. Gorgeous pick.

  2. I'm now messing with the computer...but...

    Absolutely beautiful pick!! This would look so nice in my summer house. Have to check out the store!

  3. Love love love it! I have a love for just about anything French ... except men. =)

  4. LOL, I am laughing @Katja's comment!

    But seriously, that's a great pillow. I too love its modern but rustic flair. Incidentally, the writing on it is perfectly fitting for our team. It goes something like this: "for the most ordinary event to become an adventure, one must -and it is enough- tell its story". ;D

  5. Ohhh Catherine what a wonderful quote!!