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Day of the Dead a Holiday to Inspire

Welcome to our showing!Enjoy our art gallery of jewelry inspired by the mysterious Day of the Dead holiday.
*Day of the Dead Necklace by Debbie of Crysallis Creations, Hong Kongbrass wired, mixed glass and carved crystal quartz skull *Sugar Skull Ring by Belinda Saville, Australia
metal smithed sterling silver and ruby

*Mullberry by Catherine of Modeste Parisienne, United States

amethyst, black spinel and sterling silver gemstone bracelet

*Skull Earrings by Anna-Karin of Black Daisy Designs, Sweden

metalsmithed copper and sterling silver stud earrings

*Day of the Dead Leather Cuff by Joanne Harrill of JoJoBell, United States

tooled and dyed vegetable tanned leather

*Frida Bohemian Chandelier Earrings by Ivy Long of Edera Jewelry, United States

textile and mixed gemstone lace peridot, amethyst, coral, pearl, and vintage glass, gold plated and gold filled precious metal

*Dance of the Dark Earrings by Jo Tubb of Gem Heaven, United Kingdom

sterling silver and black spinel

*Day of the Dead Skull Necklace, by Tana McLane of City Rustic Jewelry.

Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper and Bronze metal smithed pendant on hand knotted mixed jems, stones, and sterling beaded necklace.

In Mexico, where traditions run deep, families gather to celebrate deceased family members and friends. This celebration begins November 1st and is the day to honor the deceased innocent or young children and continues thru November 2nd where adult loved ones who have passed are honored.
The Day of the Dead celebration is a time to remember and connect with those who have gone. Some families have picnics, parties, and camp at the graveside of the deceased. It is also traditional to build alters in remembrance of those who have died in the home. In ancient times, people actually brought the skulls of loved ones into the home to remember and be close to those whose souls have moved on. It is from this tradition that you now see the sugar skulls as immersed in the holiday.
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