Saturday, 30 November 2013

What We Have Made This Week...

We have a brief announcement...
and we'll get back to you with more information very soon!

On our Facebook fan page for Etsy's Best Kept Secrets, we held a re-naming contest and a giveaway to the participant who inspired our new name.

'Artisan Anthology' is our new name, suggested to us by the winner of the contest, Jenny Hanson! In the near future, you will see this new name on all of our team's online sites, including this blog. So, stay tuned as we transition to 'Artisan Anthology.' We'll keep you up to date here and on our Facebook fan page!

We invite you to visit and 'like' our fan page: 

This is the team's treasure necklace that was the prize in our 'giveaway' contest! Most team members created a charm or two for this.

Friday, 22 November 2013

"Help Us Find a New Name" Contest -- the EBKS Team's Largest Giveaway Ever!

Our team has been known as Etsy’s Best Kept Secrets since its inception several years ago. But we are finding ourselves going through changes – just as Etsy itself is going through changes – and this prompts our search for a new name for our team.

Most of us are looking at our involvement with Etsy in a different way, and have also moved to our own websites and other platforms, making our original team name a little too small for our large visions of ourselves as individuals and as a group. We aim for growth and are looking for suggestions for a new team name.

This is a huge step for us and we've decided to invite our fans into the process of helping us to select a new name for our creative union.

We are an established team of jewelers (or jewellers, if you don’t use Americanized English!) and artists of other genres, who live and work all around the world. Most of us will continue to operate our online shops on Etsy, but also wish to expand beyond the limits of just that platform. So, we need your help! Want to play a part in renaming our team?

If your suggestion is chosen as our new team name, you will receive a gift of a unique necklace we have made, compiled of handmade charms made by most of our team members as a thank you!


1. Must 'like' our Facebook page.
2. Leave as many suggested names as you want by leaving a comment (or three or four!).
3. The winner will receive the team's giveaway necklace pictured above.
4. If no clear winner, we'll do a random drawing or award the necklace to the person putting the most effort into this.

Last but not least, have fun! We are all looking forward to your help with our new team name!

Thanks! And good luck!