Saturday, 30 October 2010

Blog Roundup

The members of the Etsy's Best Kept Secrets team are so varied, with tons of different interests. I thought it would be fun to start a weekly series featuring what our members were up to. So, what were our members blogging about this week? Let's take a look (in no particular order):

  • Peg's house is turning 100! One project down, and is she already eyeing another?
  • Have you heard of the World Doodle Challenge? Joanne is showing off her contribution, Doodle #57.
  • Anna-Karin finds beauty in a silent autumn morning, and takes you along.
  • Catherine shows off a ghostly white treasury over on her blog.
  • Louise has taken a big, big step (go Louise!).
  • Sirpa's already Christmas shopping. How about you?
  • Brandi's sharing a few trinkets that she keeps in her studio to brighten her day.
  • Katja's on the search for a new bed.
  • And Jo's not letting a little cold slow her down!

How about you? What were you blogging about this past week?


  1. I LOVED this post!!! Brandi, I am amazed by the steps you took to unearth tidbits from some of the members' blogs! I enjoyed reading all of them!:)

  2. Oh lol I didn't blog and missed out ~ *sniff sniff* off to read the ones I've missed :)

  3. I did blog, but wasn't included?

  4. Sorry, Katja! I added your blog to the blogroll so I don't forget again.