Thursday, 7 October 2010

What I hearted this week

The Syriaca earrings

Sophisticated gemstones, subtle Fall palette.

If you lean toward a Bohemian luxe sensibility, rejoice! Emily Gray from EmilyGrayJewels has new listings this week! As you may know already, Emily has been featured in a number of well known fashion magazines and she is extraordinarily busy these days with private orders. It is quite the treat to see her Etsy shop restocked with her hip jewels.

The Aphrodite necklace

Emily's necklaces have the most imaginative shapes, beautiful wirework and exquisite gems. This newest creation makes me think of a pagoda - so cool.

Be sure to look at her sold pieces as well. With a little luck, you might come away with a piece customized just for you.


  1. I hearted the Syriaca earrings, too ... they are fabulous!

  2. I know, sigh!!!!! I love the Frangiflotti earrings too, blues are my thing!:)