Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What I have hearted this week

I've been searching for a beautiful belt to wear with my jeans this winter ~ this one is truly stunning don't you think??

Lipstick Belt

What's even better is you can buy accessories for your belt ~ this buckle is one of my favourites.

Lone Leaf Buckle
And I love Fix8tions quote in her profile ~
Metal + Leather + Color = Love
Find FIx8tion HERE

Jo @ gemheaven


  1. I have a belt similar to that. The hardest thing was picking just ONE belt buckle!

    Great post, Jo!

  2. Nice! I could definately take the first one. Have to take a better look at this shop!

  3. They are both terrific! I am with Katja though, I am getting a serious crush on handcrafted belt buckles, lol!:)