Friday, 15 October 2010

What I have hearted this week

Would you believe me if I told you, that the eye above, is cut from one big sheet of black paper mounted on a white illustration board??

I know!! It's hard to believe. Still true. Talent like this never ceaces to amaze me. How does he do it? Why doesn't the paper tear? Why doesn't he slip and cut where he's not supposed to cut? How does he get all the angles just right? Really... HOW, does he do it?

Going throug the shop Papercuts by Joe is a never ending journey of wonder. Take a look at these ropes. Or this tricylce (perfect for a child's room) or why not these couple on bikes? Mind-boggling. (And make sure to click the images to see the larger version. The details are truly amazing.)

And this ship.... would be perfect for my DH, the sailor-guy. I wonder if I should go Christmas shopping?? :)


  1. Wow how amazing is that ~ great find AK ♥

  2. OMG!!! No way! That is an amazing technical tour de force! Yes, AK you should go Xmas shopping! His pieces are beautiful and very reasonably priced too!:)

  3. Joe is amazing! What a great find, Anna-Karin!

  4. Great find Anna-Karin! I could find something for my house from him too! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow!
    Beautiful find! Thanks!