Thursday, 28 October 2010

Our newest new member ~ Laura from Jewels by L Designs

We hearted one of Laura's pieces here recently on the blog... so you can imagine how thrilled we are to  welcome her this week as a full fledged member of the Etsy Best Kept Secrets team!

Her shop, Jewels by L Designs, will give you a better sense of her range as designer. Central to her work are wonderful glass works in brilliant colors and intricate layers which she and her husband Aaron create themselves in the flame. The glass elements are then incorporated into wire wrapped pieces with complementary gemstones.

Laura sometimes works her glass into animal shapes to produce large and striking pendants....

The Crème de La Crème necklace

...and more recently she has explored grays and black as well - very unusual for glass but so hip and elegant....Fashionistas, pay attention!;)

Just like the person behind the work, Laura's jewelry collections are pure joy and happy vibes! She not only creates glass, she also collects the prettiest Murano and Yayin beads which she now shares through her newest line: the BonBon necklaces, which debuted this Fall.


  1. Laura - welcome so much to Etys's Best Kept Secrets. We are absolutely thrilled to have you join our little quest for world domination. :)

    Oh.. and as a full-fledged member .... you shall henceforward call me Da Queen!
    (Heheheh.... my own private little kingdome is coming along nicely, I think. )

  2. Yep, just ignore A-K... can you imagine that she thinks she is Da Queen? *eyeroll*

    But you are so warmly welcome, we are so excited to have you!! :)

  3. Shhhh, actually do take Da Queen seriously...VERY seriously!;D

  4. Welcome, Laura! So great to have you!

  5. Yes, veeeryyyy seriously.... :P

  6. Laura, again, as the only voice of reason in this bunch: Welcome to Etsy Best Kept Secrets! We are thrilled to have you!

    Da Kween? *snorts*

  7. Well, Laura... I'm not sure what I can add to all of the above, except to say... WELCOME!

  8. And the fun continues... thank you so much ladies! AK, despite what the others say, you are scaring me a little bit. LOL!