Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What I have hearted this week - a black, diamond like, luxe necklace!

I picked this sumptuous dark beauty from the collections of Bijoux d'Odalisque. Holly is perhaps best known for her use of pastels on ultra luxurious jewels. Her gift for combining colors stems in part from her background as a classical painter. 

Yet I found myself drawn to this exquisite necklace which is  designed around handwoven ropes of tiny mystic black spinel rondelles  and adorned with a very large "flame ball" Tahitian colored black pearl - notice the beautiful details of the pin wrapping around the pearl like delicate tendrils!

The dark palette enhanced with gold, the tiny rondelles which sparkle like diamonds and the rare focal  all conjure up to make Madame X a grand statement piece for Winter!
By the way, don't you love the name?;D


  1. This is soooo yummy! I can't even imagine how much time that went into wrapping all those rondelles. My fingers hurt just thinking about it.

    You may buy this for me for Xmas.


  2. Sure! I'll even test it for you first during the Holiday season, he he he!;D

  3. Bijoux d'Odalisque10 November 2010 at 17:48

    Do you really want to know?? lol. I think I jotted down how many ours in mu journal :)

  4. Holly's work is amazing! I heart her entire shop and have to wipe the drool from my chin each time I visit!

  5. Yes, please, I'll have one of those. Kthxbai.

    Eh, and just ignore AK's request above.

  6. Go ahead Holly, I am really wondering too how many hours went into this piece!

  7. Its definetely a wowzer ~ I could imagine it on the red carpet all right !!♥