Saturday, 19 January 2013

What We Have Made This Week...

A. Belinda Saville | B. MetalLuxe | C. JoJo Bell | D. Silverlines Jewelry | E. Belinda Saville | F. SirpaK Jewelry | G. Crysallis Creations | H. Black Daisy Designs | I. MsBelle Photography | J. Gemheaven Jewellery | K. Silverlines Jewelry | L. City Rustic Jewelry | M. Crysallis Creations | N. MetalLuxe | O. Edera JewelryP. Modeste Parisienne | Q. Louise O'Dwyer Designs | R. City Rustic Jewelry | S. Gemheaven Jewellery


  1. It looks gorgeous!!! Thanks Ivy for doing the collage this week!:)))

  2. hi, i love item H - the 3 pendants - and i don't think sirpa made them, they're not in her shop... who did?
    thanks :)

  3. Hi Claire, good catch! I made a mistake when putting the credits at the bottom of the collage. The beautiful pendants are by Anna-Karin of Black Daisy Designs:
    Thanks for pointing this out!