Saturday, 10 November 2012

What we have made this week

It's been another busy week for the Etsy Best Kept Secrets team...

Enjoy browsing our latest offerings!

A.  Gemheaven Jewellery
B.  MsBelle Photography
C.  City Rustic Jewelry
D.  Modeste Parisienne
E.  Black Daisy Designs
F.  Realisation Creations
G.  Edera Jewelry
H.  Belinda Saville
I.  JoJo Bell
J.  Crysallis Creations
K.  Silverlines Jewelry
L.  MetalLuxe
M.  City Rustic Jewelry
N.  Gemheaven Jewellery
O.  Gemheaven Jewellery
P.  MsBelle Photography
Q.  Silverlines Jewelry
R.  Realisation Creations
S.  Black Daisy Designs
T.  Black Daisy Designs
U.  Belinda Saville
V.  MetalLuxe
W.  Gemheaven Jewellery
X.  Black Daisy Designs


  1. A fabulously creative week AGAIN! I am so proud of my team! Thank you Belinda for putting it together!:)