Saturday, 31 March 2012

What we have made this week!

1st Row - left to right, top to bottom ~ Modeste Parisienne, Sirpa K Jewelry, Sirpa K Jewelry, Silverlines Jewelry, Edera Jewelry, Frog Crossing Graphics

2nd Row - top to bottom, left to right ~ Sirpa K Jewelry, Silverlines Jewelry, Metalluxe, Belinda Saville, GemheavenJewellery

3rd Row ~ Crysallis Creations, Sirpa K Jewelry, GemheavenJewellery, City Rustic Jewelry, Silverlines Jewelry


  1. Oh wow! It is always fun to see how we each create the collage!! Deb, you really gave us the star treatment with the spotlight on each of our pieces, lol! Love it!!

  2. Stunnin! Just stunning. Now I feel so inferior. LOL
    But seriously, the two larger images creates much more interest to the whole board then when they are all the same size. I really LOOKED at the whole board this time.

    Well done you!

  3. weeee!!! :D well I've tried.... :P And I am glad that you liked it!! Thanks ladies!! :D

  4. Ohhhh, how utterly beautiful! You've done a brilliant job of this week's collage, Deb...thank you SO much!


  5. my pleasure Belinda! :D Glad you're happy with the outcome! :D

  6. Wow, the most artistic collage yet! Great job, Deb! And beautiful work inside of it too :) xo

  7. Thank you Ivy!! LOL

    why do I feel like this is turning into my personal glory... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :P But I am glad that you like it though... It's always a pleasure to look and work with all your pieces really. XO