Friday, 4 November 2011

What We Have Made This Week

1st row: Crysallis CreationsKnitProofSilverlines Jewelry
2nd row: JoJo BellGemheaven JewelleryCity Rustic Jewelry
3rd row: Modest ParisienneFrog Crossing GraphicsSilverlines Jewelry
4th row: Silverlines JewelryGemheaven JewelleryBelinda Saville
5th row: Luxe Design WorkshopGemheaven JewelleryFrog Crossing Graphics
6th row: Gemheaven JewelleryCity Rustic JewelryCrysallis Creations
7th row: Made For An AngelGemheaven JewellerySilverlines Jewelry


  1. Gorgeous work this week! And so nice to see a variety of different items now, not just jewelry :)

  2. Stunning blues and gold! And just as Ivy said, it is wonderful to see some other crafts included!:)