Friday, 12 August 2011

What we have made this week

1st Row ~ SilverLines JewelryGemheaven JewelleryModeste Parisienne
2nd Row ~ Edera JewelrySilverLines JewelryMsBelle
3rd Row ~ Gemheaven JewellerySirpa K JewelryBlack Daisy Designs
4th Row ~ SilverLines JewelryGemheaven JewelleryBelinda Saville
5th Row ~ Crysallis CreationsJoJo BellMetal Luxe
6th Row ~ SilverLines JewelryCrysallis CreationsSirpa K Jewelry


  1. Stunning creations this week, ladies!

    Is it just me, or is fuschia on everyone's mind at the moment...? ;-)

  2. colors!!!! woohooo!!!! :D

    and yeah... somehow we always come up with similar color theme every week, without prior communication.... heh, funny how that works huh?

    Gorgeous collage Belinda!! <3

  3. Stunning works! Sigh, I am so proud of my team!!! ;D

    ...and fuschia is beautiful...I am looking forward to see more of it this Fall in our collections!

  4. ohh B great job and ladies did I tell you all WE ROCK!!!