Monday, 20 September 2010

About Us

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting Etsy Best Kept Secrets Blog!

Our team - a coop of highly skilled jewelry artisans - was born in Spring 2010. Our members' art covers a full range of jewelry styles and techniques but the main drive which truly ties us together is our love for all things creative. In that spirit, our blog is committed to showcase all other media - not just jewelry.
Other than the weekly news about the coop members' latest creations, we are looking to feature the work of many other artisans and discuss topics that are relevant to the artisan community and to fans of the Indie handcrafted movement at large.

Artisans at large are :
Catherine of Modeste Parisienne ~
All my jewelry is designed and handmade by me. I use only precious metals such as sterling silver and 14kgf , with the occasional use of solid 14k and 18K gold, to showcase a wide array of top gemstones in the most beautiful colors and contemporary cuts. The end result is a rainbow of color and sparkle, BUT on a tiny scale. I design with the goal to create pieces that are discreet but stylish, affordable and highly wearable.

Joanne of JoJoBell~
Some say my jewelry style is boho chic and some say it is the perfect blend of sophisticated rustic and organic elegance. I think everyone deserves some of life’s humble luxuries.

Anna Karin of Black Daisy Designs ~
I have been making and selling jewellery online for a few years - mainly intricate wire wrapped jewllery - but last summer I took my first silversmithing class and "caught the bug". I love being able shape the hard metal by using heat and I love being able to solder pieces together to make them hold a stone. It makes me happy knowing I can do these things.

Ginger of MsBelle ~
I am a married SAHM to a terrific young son and human mom to my rescue dacshund, Barney. At MsBelle, my goal is to bring you affordable, high quality jewelry. I try to use the highest quality stones, beads and findings I can in order to bring you good quality, affordable elegance. I love simple pieces that flow and move. And of course, I love shiny, sparkly, glittery things! I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I love making it.

Sirpa of Sirpa K Jewelry ~
I'm living in a western Finland by the sea with my husband. Coiled and wire wrapped silver jewelry is my passion. There is something calming making them and every day brings something new. When I first found this style, my heart was stolen immediately. I prefer dainty, pretty tiny pieces with high quality beautiful gems (that I'm obcessed for).

Jo of Gemheaven Jewellery ~
Living in Cornwall (which is the far south of England) with my husband and daughter (and a growing menagerie of animals) ~ I am a typical Cornish girl with roots deep set in the Cornish soil ~ here the land is organic and a little wild which is something I try to capture in my jewellery. Living by the sea with the wilds of the moorland close by ~ there is definetly inspiration everywhere!

Katja of Katja Adams Designs ~
Katja is on a Hiatus from creating at the moment with her busy family life but that doesn't mean she is not helping us all in the background with her inspiration and creativity.

Louise from Louise O'Dwyer Designs ~
I am a 33 year old Wife and stay at home Mom of three. I am originally from Dublin but now live in the beautiful Wexford countryside with my Farmer husband David. I've always been creative and have earned an honours degree in Fine Art (specializing in painting.)
These day I channel my creativity into making beautiful, wearable, interesting jewellery in my attic studio. ( which my wonderful hubby built especially for me :-)

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